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Gong Targets - Complete Set

Complete Set of Four (4) Gong Targets - Save almost $30.00 by purchasing the complete set!

This set includes:
1 - 12" Gong Target
1 - 10" Gong Target
1 - 8" Gong Target
1 - 6" Gong Target

Each of these targets are laser cut out of AR500 steel and has a High Visibility Orange Powder Coat baked on.  
Laser cutting does not affect the integrity of the AR500 steel.  

These targets have 2-17/32 (.530") round holes that can used as a swinging target with our Swinging Target Stand kit or can be mounted by the square 17/32( .530") hole using one of our 2 x 4 mounts.

SKU: EZ-TS-4180

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