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The Swinging Target Stand - Kit

Black Pipe and Targets Not Included!

Our Swinging Target Stand Kit contains everything that you need for hanging swinging targets except the Black Pipe. Whether you want to shoot 1 target or 2 targets, this stand can handle it all with no tools necessary! No more carrying allen wrenches or having to adjust collars!  This is designed and engineered by professionals!  
The self aligning center section will accommodate multiple gong targets up to 12" diameter.  

The complete kit contains the following:
2-Interior "Fingers" for sliding the pipes together-No tools necessary!!
1-Self-Aligning Center Section for use with multiple Targets
4-18" lengths of chain
4-3/8" Snap Links for quick connecting
4- 1/2-13 Grade 8 Bolts
8-1/2" Washers
4-1/2-13 Nylock Nuts

SKU: EZ-TS-4260

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