How to Select A Weathervane That Lasts

How to Select A Weathervane That Lasts

Not all weathervanes are created equally. When choosing the right type of weathervane for your home or garden, there are plenty of options available. If you’re just starting out to find the perfect weathervane, be sure to do your
research and understand the basics. Knowing the qualities of a durable product in advance will help you to make the most informed decision when making your purchase.

Below, we’ve collected answers to some of the most popular questions that come from our customers, including:

  • Can I leave my weathervane out year-round?
  • What makes EZ Vane weathervane more durable than others?
  • Do I have to add a clear coat to my weathervane after I receive it?
  • Will I receive mounting hardware to display my weathervane securely?

Weathervanes should be designed to withstand harsh elements over time, and indeed all of these are excellent questions.

To select a long-lasting weathervane, pay close attention to how your weathervane is made. Some important aspects of design include;

  • material type
  • fabrication style
  • coating type
  • coating process
  • installation elements

EZ Vane designers and professional fabricators have carefully considered each aspect of product design, and over the past two decades, we have refined our process.

Using the most cutting-edge technology available, we are able to create weathervanes that stay beautiful and functional year after year.

material chart for weathervanes


Steel construction is strong, requires minimal maintenance, and (if property coated) won’t patina over time.

Weathervanes are an age-old tool that have withstood the test of time – from wood to metal, you’ll find a history of different materials used in their design.

Choose a material that fits your aesthetic, but be conscious of upkeep needed.


Metal is the overwhelming material of choice for weathervanes. Steel is a popular choice for weathervanes because it’s durable, lightweight and strong. It’s harder and heavier than aluminum, and can provide a much longer lifespan.


Copper can be a popular choice for weathervanes, but it’s also heavy and considerably more expensive.

Pay attention to your steel strength. Thicker steel will better withstand the elements. Look for a more durable thickness; the thickness of steel diminishes as the gauge number increases.

For example, a 14-gauge steel is heavier and thicker than a 16-gauge steel – it seems counterintuitive, we know!

Any weathervane made from steel must be powder coated to protect it from the elements and keep it from eroding.


To maximize protection, choose a weathervane that has been powder coated in a multi-step process.

You should be able to leave your weathervane outdoors all year, regardless of the climate. We design, test and build our products in Western Michigan – a place that experiences the extremes of all four seasons.

One of the most essential protectors of your weathervane is the finish. Powder coat finishing ensures your weathervane stays looking brand new with its long-lasting finish and vibrant, antique copper color. It’s helpful to remember that multiple coatings provide a much higher level of protection than just one.

All EZ Vane products are treated in a 3-stage process to create a durable protective barrier that prevents corrosion, resists abrasion and requires little to no maintenance.

The latest technology in powder coating allows for multiple coats – we add two coats, including a final clear polyester coat. This triple layer of zinc oxide dipping and powder coating ensures you don’t have to add a less durable clear coat on your own. The beautiful copper-vein color prevents rust, enhance beauty, and deliver years of fade-free performance.


Weathervanes that have been welded together from several pieces of metal are prone to bending and breakage.

As with any purchase, take a close look at the craftsmanship behind the design. Simplicity is key when it comes to a strong weathervane topper. Look for a top that is fabricated from one single piece of metal.

EZ Vane’s interchangeable tops are manufactured and cut from a single, solid piece of steel. While competitor products may look similar, be sure to analyze the construction.

If your product is cut from several pieces of thinner steel and welded together, it will be more prone to weak spots. Bending and breaking are much more likely to occur if your weathervane is forged from several different pieces of metal.


Ensure your weathervane can be properly secured with a strong, appropriate mount.

Not surprisingly, weathervanes have substantial surface for the wind to push against. For this reason, it’s important to ensure your product is safely secured in place. A strong, professionally crafted mount is essential for any
functioning weathervane.

EZ Vane complete weathervane kits are a breeze to assemble and include several
components that slide together in minutes:

  • your choice of topper,
  • NESW directional,
  • wind cups, and
  • preferred mount. 

Our most popular mount is the classic, 60” tall garden mount, which comes with an essential ground stake.

The ground stake is a strong, .5” diameter aluminum dowel rod that holds your weathervane securely in place in your yard or garden. It may seem like a simple addition, but it’s an important one.

We do not include screws with our weathervanes due to the varying styles that can be used. Though we do recommend stainless steal, due to their ability to resist rust.

And there you have it! A lot more goes in to selecting a durable weathervane than you might have expected.

We’re not experts on everything, but one thing is for sure...we know weathervanes. We’ve been keeping quality of materials and design top of mind for over 20 years. At EZ Vane, we believe the most difficult step in purchasing a
weathervane should be choosing the design you love most.