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Last October, Chris Timmer, Sarah Timmer and James Scarlett had the pleasure of acquiring this phenomenal company. They look forward to operating as a family-owned entity – maintaining its long-standing core values of quality and service.

For 23 years, EZ Vane has prided itself in creating beautiful products and providing excellent customer service. That is the foundation of this company’s success, and the three plan to stay rooted in those business practices. Despite new owners and a new look, you can expect the same superior products.

Chris, James and Sarah bring many years of combined business experience to EZ Vane. Sarah’s background is in sales, where she spent 10 years before becoming CEO of the couples household and raising three young boys. Chris and Jim have been successful business partners at Scarlett, Inc. for over 13 years. The 3 owners take pride in their community and work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your weathervanes made from?

Our weathervanes are made from 14ga CRS steel. We then use 3 protective coatings to prevent rust and fading which means they are built to last.

What's included with a weathervane purchase?

Each weathervane includes your choice of top, a windcup, a directional, and your choice of mount.  We do not provide mounting hardware. Your purchase also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Are weathervane tops interchangeable?

Yes! For instance, purchase our complete birdhouse weathervane then purchase the additional flag top to interchange for Memorial Day or the 4th of July. 

What size are your weathervane tops?

Each top design is approximately 21" long (length of the arrow) with the average height being 8" tall. Each dimension is listed under the description of the product.

Do you make custom designs?

Yes, we do! Prices start at $300.00 but may vary based on the quantity ordered and complexity of the design. Typically, custom designs take 6-8 weeks to complete.

Please contact us for any further information.

What's the best way to care for a weathervane?

We recommend that you place a few drops of light oil on the top of the pole periodically to ensure that the design top will turn freely.

If using a roof style mount, we recommend that you ground your weathervane.

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